Electronic Engineering Services - EES Pty Ltd referred to as EES. A guide to terms and conditions.
EES has provided goods and services since 1982. We keep our customers' business up and running with reliable customer support by supplying quality and value goods and services.

Trading terms for goods are, cash on delivery, unless credit terms have been arranged in writing.
A deposit may be required prior to delivery if previously stated in our quotation.
A written quotation will be provided by us and valid for the period stated.
Goods ordered from us are to be in writing, on a company letterhead and signed by an authorized person.
All goods provided will be guaranteed exclusively by the manufacturers warranty and conditions.
The Customer will be responsible for receipt of goods and will reject delivery of any damaged goods and ensure that the deliverer receives and acknowledges in writing the damage.
The Customer agrees that all goods delivered to and on the customer site irrespective of payment and terms will be the customer responsibility and liability and is valued at the agreed invoice value.
The Customer agrees that any goods damaged on the customer site, lost, stolen in any way including acts of God will be paid in full to invoice value and to the payment terms.
The Customer will bear all responsibility for all freight insurance and costs related to delivery and returns.
Products that fail due to misuse, physical damage, through installation or operating conditions not in accordance with the manufacturer or against EES recommendations will not be warranted.
All replacement products inherit the remaining warranty of the faulty product. The replacement product does not incur any new or extended warranty.
Any goods accepted in writing by EES for return for credit will incur a restocking fee. Any goods damaged to itself or its packaging will not be credited.
Before returning and faulty goods under warranty the customer must request a Return Authorization number (RA). The Customer is to return the goods to the EES designated destination, package it securely and label it with the Customers return details and the RA number. The Customer will be responsible and liable for the cost to and from for freight, insurance and any damage incurred during delivery.
The ownership of goods invoiced will not pass onto the customer until full payment is received.
If the customer enters into financial receivership prior to full payment the goods delivered irrespective of invoice the goods remain the property of and may be retrieved by EES.
The customer agrees that goods ordered, delivered and invoiced will not be returned and that the company and/or its directors will be personally liable for full payment to the terms of the purchase.

Trading terms for services are, cash on delivery, unless credit terms have been arranged in writing.
Payment will be due in full at the end of each day of service.
Service is strictly charged at our current hourly rate and is not related to completion of project, the customer's expectations or satisfaction unless a fixed quote is provided in writing.
Services provided as labour , consulting and travel time are charged at our current hourly rate.
On site services will be a minimum of one hour and all subsequent time will be by half hour increments.

EES will endeavor within its discretion to resolve issues related to third party products with the supplier, such as operating systems, software applications and hardware that may occur. EES will not provide any guarantee or warranty on the work done on such third party products. All work done on such third party products will be charged at our current rates and conditions.

Contact us for further information on our rates, terms & conditions.

Bank Details for Direct Deposit

Name : Electronic Engineering Services - ees Pty Ltd
Bank : ANZ Bank
Address : 749 Anzac Parade Maroubra Junction NSW 2035
BSB : 012 336
Account : 2269 45947